ABOUT PAGE - (2023)

Hi I’m Ali,

And the slogan “COME ROUND MY WAY!” Is my invitation for you to be a part of the E-D BROTHERHOOD designer apparel community! Every since I was a youth I have been involved in art. In elementary i was selected to be in the school art program where I was able to hone my skills at a very young age. I come from a family of great artists so you can say art is in my DNA!

I came across the textile world of fashion design in high school when I took sewing as a prank elective instead of the usual P.E. As fate would have it I found that I actually liked the class. It was another way for me to apply my natural artistic abilities and I saw future promise in it! 

Just like any teenage male growing up in the inner city I was captivated by the latest hype in streetwear! However as I young adult I noticed a lack of fresh street apparel the really moved and inspired me, so that’s when I decided to take matters in my own hands and started the brand that would become known as E-D BROTHERHOOD!